Everyday Gourmet

Create meals for your family and friends with panache! 

If you don’t have the time or the funds to prepare “expensive” “rare” or “sophisticated” food, nor is it a priority, I suggest you try becoming an “everyday” gourmet and make someone you love feel special by adding zest and pizzazz to the ordinary.

I like to add a little flair to my everyday spaghetti, by adding interesting flavor, texture and color. This quick simple light “sauce” will add just the right touch of “everyday” gourmet appeal with delicious spices, garlic and the star ingredient, cherry tomatoes.

Spaghetti with Fresh Cherry Tomatoes…Tomato variety provides interesting color, size and flavor

1lb. or 16 oz. Wheat or Organic Spaghetti

½ Pint Red Cherry Tomatoes halved

½ Pint Red Grape Tomatoes halved

3 cloves of garlic

Sea Salt


Fresh Basil leaves

3 Tbls. Olive Oil

Fresh Romano or Parmesan Cheese

Lemon Juice

**For protein add cooked chicken

***Add more olive oil if you need it

Peel and slice 3 garlic cloves; chop basil leaves and tomatoes in half.  Place all three ingredients in a sauté pan with two tablespoons of olive oil on low to medium heat.  Gently toss adding salt and pepper until soft. While the garlic, basil and tomatoes are cooking, boil a pot of water for spaghetti.

When spaghetti is fully cooked, drain and incorporate about half of the spaghetti into the sauté pan along with the tomatoes, basil and garlic. Coat spaghetti with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and tomato mixture.  Cook on low for about 5 minutes.  Turn the heat to high and add lemon juice into the steaming pan, gently toss and turn the heat back to low.  Cover with pot lid and place on warm.  Let the covered pot soak up all of the delicious flavors, garnish with more basil, top with Romano or Parmesan cheese and serve while it’s hot in your prettiest dish.   A delicious treat just for you…the everyday gourmet!


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