Charming Chic

Creating an incredible atmosphere on a budget

 Add a little charming chic to any budget. Here are some tips for creating an incredibly cozy atmosphere for you and your guests for less.  I don’t know about you, but aesthetics mean something to me.  The space has to say “home” no matter where I am.  If I travel, I bring a piece of “home” with me; soft throw, candles, room spray and pillows.  The art of using what you have to make an impact or even adding chic thrift store or flea market finds is so much fun!  It’s the only way to decorate these days.  We are currently living in a rental home where we can’t paint.  Talk about a challenge for a girl who loves color!!! I’ve had to get creative and it wasn’t easy.  However, a little piece of “you” added to the mix anywhere can make any space cozy enough for you to love your home.  Add a few mini light strands in trees and greenery, candles, glass bottles, pretty lamps, and beautiful colorful pillows.  Paint one wall a bold color to tie it all in and throw in a few surprises.  Pull furniture away from the walls and place in comfy groupings.  Use everyday ordinary plates, christmas ornaments, or landscape pots to add interest.  Try moving furniture you already own to different places in the house and changing out art work.  Enjoy pics below with captions for ideas…Wow your guests with a few simple changes that add charming impact to any space.  Hope you will be inspired…keep it simple and add some sparkle!

Painted chandelier; added leopard print shades…very chic!

Hands down this is my favorite chair…thrift store find for $15.00 recovered in leopard print. I added a pop of color with this blue pillow from Target for $20.00.

Bird Cage bought at “Consignment Gallery.” Gold Christmas Ornaments added from my attic.

Awesome Print! Found this chair at TJ Maxx for under $150.00 five years ago! This one will never leave me. Added a fluffy white pillow for $10.00 from Target.

Lovely light sheer curtain panels in the dining room; add interesting chandelier and lights in trees…not to mention the cute cafe lamp on the table!

A beautiful curtain to grace the archway leading into dining room finished off with a silk fall arrangement to cover rod.

Two chairs are thrift store finds totaling $40.00. Table purchased at an antique store cost more than the chairs, however, its unique pattern and inlay adds interest and pairs nicely with the chairs. Throw in a couple of leopard print pillows and you have created an instant cozy conversation corner.

Cozy Kitchen Corner…Vintage chairs were given to me by a friend, table was purchased at a second-hand shop for $45.00 and lamp was something I had on hand.

This chair needs some work; but it’s look and structure is awesome! I bought it at a thrift store for $10.00. I will clean it up and possibly recover very soon. It’s one of my favorites.

My chocolate lab Nelson is definitely charming chic!


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