Welcome Friends

Truth be told, who doesn’t appreciate a little fine hospitality.  Home is a creation of spaces where people connect.  A necessary welcoming retreat from the world with plenty of good food and homey niches to burrow in.

How do you feel when you visit someone’s home? Do you feel accepted and welcome or “just there”.  Are you put  off or is it a good experience? Thinking about those experiences will help you to meet your own guests needs.

Hospitality also includes not only  the ambiance and atmosphere of the home but also the hearty welcome your guests receive.  Just offering a glass of water, tea or a warm cup of coffee (even if they are only there for 5 minutes) can put someone at ease.   I once was invited to visit an acquaintance of mine and upon my arrival I was shown to the kitchen where my host served their other family member a cup of coffee but not me!! I was stunned… and as I looked over, there was only one chair at the kitchen table and my host sat in it while I stood at the counter fumbling for conversation.  I had to ask for my own chair!  Funny but true!

Come to think of it, as children, there was always that one house, that one place, where we would like to gather with our friends.   Why?  It was where we felt most at home and could be ourselves.

Lastly, more than a “model” home, our homes should be an extension of our family story!  Each member of the family has a piece of their heart invested in our homes.  It should not just be a place of comfort for guests, but for our family members as well.  Allowing them their space and incorporating the things they like as well.  That’s when a house truly becomes a home.

Here are some simple items you can use to make your home a place of comfort and warmth anyone can enjoy.

*Comfortable seating where furniture is placed facing each other for great conversation

Christmas Gathering…tables, chairs, sofas placed in and around the fireplace and Christmas Tree

*Lots of comfy throws and blankets on chairs and couches

*Fluffy pillows

*Candles and room fragrance in homey scents like cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, or sage.

*Throw rugs placed about the home

*Warm and soft lighting from accent lamps or candles

  • *Offer a simple drink
  • *Offer speciality drinks like lattes, green or chai teas, cranberry juice/sparkling water if you and your guest have the time

Enjoy your home and enjoy people!


One thought on “Welcome Friends

  1. I really do love your blogs. I enjoy the words and descriptions. I love the way you can make it as simple as offering water or as finesse as a cup of chai tea or sparkling cranberry. I love the way you contrast the uncomfortable feeling of standing with the comfy feeling of pillows. Great job.

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