Full, Contented and Satisfied

Dining4Don’t be Discouraged!   A good meal and a great word can bring comfort to a hungry soul. In the book of 1 Samuel ….Hannah, a women barren, and living a life of unfulfilled desire, exclaims “Oh, thank you, sir! after receiving an encouraging word from Eli the Priest.  It then reads  “Then she went back and began to eat again, and she was no longer sad.”  This scripture doesn’t merely speak of food, but of regaining appetite after peaceful prayer and words of encouragement.   Something have you down?  If so, try going to God’s Word and when you are satisfied, sit down to a full and contented meal with friends or family to forget your troubles for awhile.  You know God did eventually fulfill Hannah’s desire!  So don’t fret…  My ninety- six year old Italian friend, Maria, once told me this…”Don’t be sad, just tell Jesus what you need and then eat and have a cup of coffee!”  Simply said.

Instead of going for the high calorie comfort food or desserts to ease your troubles, why not try this healhful, fabulously satisfying meal.  This fish and pasta takes only minutes to prepare and is packed with great taste.  The light sauce gives it a burst of flavor containing herbs, a small amount of cooking cream, fruity Riesling and fresh tomato.  The addition of Kale, as a vegetable alternative, gives this dish not only beautiful color paired with the tomato, but is also very high in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C and rich in calcium[It may not be something you would have thought of, but try it; it actually has a great taste.  This dish makes a great lunch or early dinner.

Fresh Fish Served Over a Bed of Kale with Light Marinara and Vegetable Pasta

4 bulbs Garlic

1 teaspoon fresh Thyme

1 teaspoon Basil

2  Tablespoon olive oil

2-4 Mahi steaks or Talapia (any other fish you would like)

1/4 cup Riesling

Saute Garlic, thyme, basil, salt and pepper in Olive Oil on medium heat.  When all ingredients are incorporated and garlic is tender, add the Reisling and turn the heat to low.  Let the Riesling and herbs settle and thicken.  Add the fish steaks and turn the heat back up to medium, adding more olive oil if needed.  Coat the fish steaks with the herb “paste’ until fish is white throughout.  When finished remove fish steaks from the pan and set aside.

Tomato Sauce

Fresh chopped Cherry Tomatoes

1 cup Kale

2 Teaspoon heavy whipping cream



Add fresh tomatoes and kale to the pan with another teaspoon of olive oil and cook on medium to low until tomatoes and kale soften.  Pour heaving whipping cream over the tomotoes and finish with salt and pepper.  Cook until thick.  While tomato sauce is cooking, begin to boil your water for pasta.

When sauce is finished cooking, add the fish steaks back into the pan to warm.  Pour contents over a steaming hot bed of vegetable pasta, a little sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese and enjoy!

full contented and satisfied 005