Wrapped Around My Finger

brie-and-applesMuch time is spent in our little café kitchen…just me and my guys!  We have a pretty good working relationship…I cook delicious food and they eat it.   Seriously, creating a great meal with the ones you love and sharing your day is a great way to connect.

My husband is one the most appreciative people I know. He is not too particular or fussy when it comes to trying out new and interesting food.  This blesses me hugely because we get to try new things together and enjoy the plentiful flavors of God’s abundance.    I have met many people who want to stick with their same old palate and never spice it up a bit!   Trying new things gives us opportunity to grow and expand our tastes.   My other four legged furry guy, Nelson, our chocolate lab, is absolutely not particular …he’ll eat just about anything!Nelson

One particular afternoon, after a morning of bike riding and errands, we came together (me, my sweetheart and Nelson!) for a simple delectable wrap infused with flavor and topped off with a lovely cranberry juice spritzer.  It was just the right touch after a busy morning.  We love the opportunity to share our day and thank God for the blessings of togetherness and a good meal.  The simple act of making lunch for someone, can reap a harvest of blessing for you and the one you love.

Turkey/Ham and Apple Wrap

Gluten Free Wrap

2-3 slices each Boars Head Honey Maple Turkey and Ham (Or whatever brand/flavor you like)

2 slices of Boars Head Cheddar Cheese or Brie (works nicely with either)

Romaine Lettuce

1 thinly sliced Granny Smith Apple


Honey Mustard

Place all ingredients inside wrap with 2-4 thinly sliced Granny Smith Apple and roll together!

Nelson hiding behind Mint plant

Nelson hiding behind Mint plant

Cranberry Juice Spritzer

Crushed Ice

Cranberry Juice

Club Soda

Slice of Lime

Sprig of Mint Leaf


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