Style on Display

photo (4)

Displaying photographs is a great way to add warmth and class to a tabletop.  I personally love the look of a chunky gold frame but there are so many different styles of frames out there…buy what you love!  You’ll want to arrange them starting with the largest in the back and graduating down to the front with smaller frames.  Blend frame colors for a cohesive look and then add beautiful fresh flowers in a glass bowl, like these pretty hibiscus or other decorative additives.  The look of gold and glass together is elegant and has a fresh appeal.  Remember to keep your framed photos grouped together rather than spacing them about the house.

If you prefer hanging your photos on the wall, the same ideas applies for keeping them grouped together for continuity and style.  I like to add decorative elements like this black and white matted photo to the mix.  These photos line the wall next to my guest bedroom and bath for guests to enjoy.  I haven’t changed these particular photos because they have special meaning from my wedding day and our early life together. It’s also a good idea to work in odd numbers; the pictures below need one more photo or decorative item to make it seven items.   I would recommend updating photos when you can, keeping them looking fresh and current, unless they are  special wedding photos, birth photos or one in a lifetime l events you want to remember. photo (13)

With all of the advanced uses for storing digital photos, printed photos don’t seem as popular; however, they re great for decorating and showing off a beautiful frame on any table or wall space in your home.


3 thoughts on “Style on Display

  1. There is nothing better than to have photos of loved ones scattered around the home. I recently started painting old frames to give them new life. Such an quick, inexpensive and easy way to change the look of a frame without having to spend a fortune on new ones. I like the pics you posted.

    • I agree! Photos of loved ones scattered about the house can add warmth and comfort. I love your idea of painting old frames too…so creative!
      Thanks and loved the photos you have posted as well!

      • Thank you so much. I love photography. The problem I now have is picking out the perfect photo for the frames. I have way too many photos!

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