Pure Imagination

diningFirst you see it in your heart and then you bring it to the table.  That’s what I did when I had to find a way to make a small dining room look big in a rental home (oh did I mention I can’t paint!).   Thinking out of the box is required and not being afraid to mix and match items.  I know it’s hard for someone to do if you think in “sets.”  Sets are in the past…I see today’s décor as eclectic and original.  The last thing to do is make your “home” look like a model.  Be you and display the things you love!

The first thing I needed to do was bring in some pattern because the walls were so white.  If you can’t paint put pattern on the windows and the floor.  Add lots of warmth in rich woods (yes, you can mix…don’t be afraid) and fabric on the chairs.  The two head chairs are a beautiful velvety red; since I love red I wanted to incorporate it somewhere without it overpowering.  I then, brought in our amazing antique parsons bench and added interesting colorful pillows which can be moved when guests visit. This one seats two at the table very comfortably.  To top it off, two off white provincial chairs given to me by a friend.  I think they add a nice punch to the color scheme.  Lately I want to simplify so I adorned the tabletop with this simple yet gorgeous fall silk.new dining

Amazing rich and colorful curtains frame the archways and a lovely cherry server sets the right tone.  There…done!

Remember to think out of the box and have FUN with your home…now invite guests over for a delicious meal.  Next time we will talk about setting a gorgeous table!


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