The Gift

June 16, 2012 033Each day of life is a gift.  God has made us all different with special abilities and qualities, fearfully and wonderfully made in His image.  Using our gift to bring a smile, comfort or encouragement to another is a blessing.  Sometimes we don’t see the blessing or look hard enough to find a blessing.

God has uniquely created me to find beauty in the ordinary…even though we may be in a tough economy or difficult circumstances, we can still create  beauty and extend warmth and comfort to others.  Sometimes a simple meal and the creation of a beautiful table scape is just the right touch to say “You’re special to me”  We can go to the “effort” to make something beautiful for another and show love.

Occasionally someone will tell me that perhaps going to that much effort or trouble is “unnecessary”  for the sake of practicality. But we miss the point and miss out on the blessingIT IS A GIFT freely given and shared.

With the rising cost of food and going out to eat, now is the best time to create those same special experiences in your own home.  Make your favorite dish (nothing fancy!) but create a warm and inviting table setting for ambiance.  My table setting is informal with the “cup” added for soup instead of a salad plate.  This setting was for a special friend with her birthday gift sitting to the left.  It’s also a nice idea to have grapes and cheese on the table to snack on waiting for the meal.  You should serve your meal 30 minutes within the guests arrival time!

Here is a simple diagram for setting the table.   For an informal setting you really only need your plates, fork, spoon and knife.  Remember forks to the left and knife and spoon to the right.  One glass in the upper right corner and you are ready to go informally!informal_place_setting_picture_largeRemember, this is a gift and it comes from the heart.


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