One of a Kind

cool bootsThese boots got me thinking…why do we pass on the moments that delight our spirit?  Why do we need an occasion to enjoy life?  A friend of mine recently went on a fun shopping trip in the Georgia mountains to a little boutique where she found the cutest dress and a pair of hand painted cowboy boots.  She even showed me a cute picture of herself  holding up the dress with the boots propped proudly in front of them.  When I asked if she purchased the outfit, she said  “Where would I wear it?”.  Oh no!  I was hoping to hear she pushed reason aside and gave in to whimsy!

I’m so glad God gives us freedom to enjoy life!  It’s okay, once in a while, to splurge on a pair of boots we may not need but want.   You see, the boots are a special one of a kind purchase because they were uniquely hand crafted and designed.  Their beauty was meant to be enjoyed. They seem to say ” Hey world!  I was made for walkin and dancing and kicking up my heels…I was created to bring life to a plain old pair of boots and enjoy the journey.  Much like how God made YOU…one of a kind, exquisitely crafted, and meant to enjoy life.

So girls, why not splurge on those colorful, uniquely painted boots and enjoy the walk, thanking God all the way for the desires of our hearts.  Anyone with me?


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