There’s No Place Like Home

homeThere are days I wish I could click my heels and go home.  My home was my sanctuary and we loved every nook and cranny of it.  We didn’t love it  because it was spacious or large, but mostly because it was” us.”  A sanctuary of peace, beauty and rest.   It’s the place my daughter grew up and our best doggie friend grew old.  Much ministry happened around our table and it’s where family gathered.  On a fall night we would open the windows as a cool breeze would envelop every room and the fireplace had a warm glow.  Dinner would be cooking, our daughter playing and my husband walking through the door with a smile on his face.  These were my most favorite experiences.2010 tea and home 007

There were many places in my home to burrow with a cup of coffee or tea.  We had a beautiful staircase where I would sit with my coffee and reflect.  I would feel so content just letting the quiet and beauty warm me. What I’ll keep close is how the house spoke of dreams cherished and plans unfolding.    I remember the last thing I did before we left our home for good.  I sat on that same staircase and cried.  “Will I remember” , I thought?  Of course I do…the memory is very vivid as if I’m there today because I carry it with me in my heart and will always remember my home.

Everything we love and cherish is connected to a memory.  It’s the untold stories and vivid pictures we create in our homes that follow us wherever we go.  Much like God’s presence is always with us.  Which leads me to this sentiment, “Home is in the heart is, wherever He is and you are.”


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