Paint it for Panache

black deskI

I was talking with my friend Sherry today and where thinking that we need a change.   We get tired of our same old wardrobe, home furnishings, and jewelry.  You know, the boredom that sets in from the same old same old.    That piece you’ve been staring at for months that needs recovering or that old piece of furniture you thought was so cool when you saw it on the side of the road, but is now sitting in the garage.  Change it!  Not everyone has the budget to buy new, so you would be amazed at how a fresh coat of paint or a new piece of fabric can add a little panache to something tired and bored.  AND that goes for your wardrobe too.  If you can’t afford to replace it, try buying a few new jewelry pieces to refresh the look.

I know a cool young couple who have a great sense of style and flair, but refuse to spend a lot for it.  They are masters at taking “challenged” pieces and restyling them into works of art.  They are not artists by trade, but do possess a sense of creativity and adventure.

When the weather cools, I move my “tired” pieces into the garage for a little transformation!  This chair was restyled recently with a new piece of fabric my mom had sitting  in her closet.    It had a huge red nail polish drip on the cushion I kept trying to hide it with a pillow.  Thank goodness that’s over.desk chair

This chair was bought for $15.00 at a thrift store.  Three coats of off white spray paint, new upholstery and you have this fantastic leopard print accent chair.  My favorite chair!leopard chair

The server you see here was actually a plain old piece of pine we bought 16 years ago…a little green paint, red/brown details, and new hardware give it a completely different look.  It sits in my foyer but would also look great in a kitchen.server

This cute little black “desk” was mine when I was a teen. It’s traveled with me everywhere I’ve gone and has been painted over many times.  It is now a server that holds my coffee cups and candy in my office… a little black paint and new hardware and it surely looks desk


2 thoughts on “Paint it for Panache

  1. Just in the nick of time! I came across pumpkins in the basement that were screaming for a tiny love (& paint, gesso, perhaps some gel medium & collage pieces…!) Ideal inspiration!

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