A Matter of Taste

unique 2I don’t know when or where I decided to be different, but it wasn’t always this way.  I very much followed the traditional way of doing things. Somehow,  I found a way  to think out of the box and surround myself with only things I love, even when they don’t match!  Nothing in my home says “convention” but quite the opposite.  It’s a mix of old and new.  I guess I learned to blend what I learned from the past with the new.

My friend Melissa...so unique!

My friend Melissa…so unique!

I think we have a hard time thinking out of the box.  Why not take a second look? Maintain your taste yet mix it up a little.   God made so many varieties of things for us to enjoy.  How boring would it be if we all looked alike?

Recently I coordinated our Women’s Brunch and through the very mixed crowd, I caught sight of a wonderful thing… my friend, Melissa.  There she sat with her hip little outfit and cute cap…but that’s not the only thing that got my attention.  It was her cup and saucer.  There in the midst of all of our matching china, ” she sat with her very own blue antique cup and saucer, sipping away carelessly like it was all meant to be.  Melissa bravely brought her own unique sense of style to the table.  She is my hero!

unique 3

Different patterns, same colors using yellow soup bowl

This has inspired me to put together this little mix of place settings.  Each place uniquely appointed yet cohesively joined with the rest. The settings don’t compete, they don’t shout for attention, they just look pretty as they are.  Much like our lives…God has created us with a unique purpose in mind with a blend of personality styles and tastes coordinated together in  harmonious beauty.   Why not be the you God created and let it shine in your everyday style! (and your dishes don’t always have to match!)

Different patterns and colors using red soup bowl

Different patterns, same color family while using red soup bowl


2 thoughts on “A Matter of Taste

  1. I love this Jackie! I so love the way you write. Can’t wait to be roomies at the retreat!I’m starting feel much better. But I am feeling the stress of Home schooling my 16 year old step son through Florida Virtual School. Wow! I’m praying more every day. 🙂 Love you,Brenda Hodge Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 00:21:32 +0000 To: bhodgerryslifecoach@hotmail.com

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