Coffee and Conversation

Jackie's IPhone 2 268

Okay…so I think coffee is the single greatest and most popular way to bring people together.

I  don’t know when it started exactly, but my intense love affair with coffee began very early.  Oh, it was a simple love, just me and my cup of Joe sweetly flavored with creamer and sugar.  I didn’t intend to fall in love so young, but I just couldn’t help myself.  My grandmother would place that hot steamy cup of comfort on the table with that freshly brewed smell…how could I resist?

You know it really does matter the choice  of cup you drink from because it’s all part of the experience.  I prefer a dainty cup and actually the one I use I’ve had for over 25 years.  Here it is…straight from the 80’s but no other cup will do.Jackie's IPhone 2 267

My daily ritual has taken me from home to any one of the many neighborhood coffee houses and Starbucks.  I  love the ambiance of my local Starbucks the most, with its wonderfully inviting nooks, aroma and cool music.   It’s the place where everyone knows your name and the barista knows your drink.    Now that’s home…I suppose that is why we love to connect over coffee.  It has given us the inspiration to  write, create, dream and share life.

Why not join someone for coffee and conversation today, and  pair it with a beautiful mini macaroon.  Enjoy!



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