Love is a Verb

comfort basket

Recently, a friend of mine needed comfort.   As I listened to her sweet voice over the phone one day, struggling to stay strong, I knew she needed support.  So, love takes “action” because love is a verb.

Comfort comes in many packages.  Often times just extending hospitality by making a meal, giving of your time, a hug, or a quick phone call to pray is just enough.  I try not to stay too long, give advice unless asked, or say too many things.  We need to know we are safe in those stormy moments, and often the security of another’s presence says more than a million words.

I decided to make my friend a “comfort basket” and fill it with cozy things that just may get her through the day.  When the opportunity comes for YOU to extend yourself, perhaps this lovely basket will inspire you!  The basket contains homemade gourmet chicken soup, brown rice pasta, pretty napkins, comforting throw, a card, and cute little cornucopia.

Be available and take time from the busyness of  life to be a comforter.


2 thoughts on “Love is a Verb

  1. This is great, Jackie! It goes along perfectly with what we learned from Lysa TerKeurst in the “When Women Say Yes to God” study – God’s plan for our lives isn’t to make us “comfortable” but to make us “comfort able.” So glad to be a part of a group of ladies that puts LOVE in ACTION! 🙂

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