Welcome Valley Breakfast

welcome valley

Welcome Valley Village Cabins
Benton, Tennessee

Welcome Valley…

Recently, my family and I needed a change of scenery.  This cabin in the Tennessee mountains was just the place for a little relaxation.  We arrived at night, and as we made our way up the dimly lit hill, we came upon this charmer. I couldn’t wait to see what was on the other side of that door. welcome sign The cabin did not disappoint and had all the rustic charm and warmth as you would imagine from the outside view.

Me and my sweetie enjoying a selfie!

Me and my sweetie enjoying a selfie!

One of my favorite things to do, once we unload and check out the landscape, is cook!  Before we got on the road for this trip, I made up a quick batch of chunky chili  to enjoy once we got to the cabin.

Who hasn’t forgotten a thing or two when traveling?  It’s usually my shower cap but this time it was butter.  I didn’t realize it until I decided to cook this quick yet satisfying breakfast for my family the next morning.  The saga continues below…enjoy!

sausage  My plan was to make a simple fried eggs and sausage with toast. I quickly realized I forgot both butter and olive oil, as well as bread.

maple sausageI did, however, have some fresh sage on hand (in my bag of spices and herbs) and decided to smoke the sausage in sage; turning the heat up on this little stove to very high.  Add 1/4 cup of water and let steam and brown.

country eggsNext the eggs…since I didn’t have butter or oil to cook them in, I decided to cut up some cherry tomatoes and let the juice settle in the pan, I then added an egg with a tablespoon of water and cooked the egg sunny side up.  The juice from the tomatoes and water was enough to add a little flavor and keep it moist.

chiliI served the eggs sunny side up, with the chili I cooked ahead and tomato topping complemented by sage sausage links and grapes.  WE toasted a couple of hot dog buns for toast!!

Awesome…and delicious and I had fun improvising…


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