Serving Fall on a Plate

pollo guisado 5Pollo Guisado or Spanish Chicken Stew

Who doesn’t think of savory stews, hearty soups and harvest vegetables when the air cools and leaves begin to fall (well not in Florida, but I can dream).  Fall is upon us and this fantastic chicken stew really put me right into the mood.  So much so, I dug out

Boots match the stew

Boots match the stew

my suede amber colored boots (matches the stew) and declared “It’s Fall.”


My friend Maria

It was around lunchtime when I ran into my friend Maria in the lobby of our church.  I have been after her for months to send me one of her incredibly rich recipes to share with you and I finally got it!  As we talked about this beautiful Pollo Guisado, our mouths were watering.  We shared a good laugh just thinking about how hungry we were for this stew!

All I can say is that Maria knows how to cook, so you are in for a treat.  It is not unusual for Maria to host a party with great food each week.  With a huge heart for the Lord, you can see why so many love her.  Not only can she make anything taste great, but she is a beautiful friend inside and out.  Try her magnificent chicken stew…Keep it coming Maria…you are a gem!

Ingredients: 8 chicken thighs (with skin),1 bottle of Adobo, 1 teas.Garlic Powder, 1 Package Sazon (found in the ethnic section of any grocer), 1 8oz. can tomato sauce, 10-15 green Spanish olives, 2 cans chickpeas, ½ cup water,½ cup Sofrito (found in the freezer section at the grocer), ½ pound potatoes (quartered), 1 cup of brown or white rice.

Step One…Coat and sauté the 8 chicken thighs in garlic powder and Sazon in olive oil in a stew pot until brown.  pollo guisado 2Step Two…Add tomato sauce, olives, chickpeas, water, Sofrito and potatoes all at once and let cook for 2 hours.  Pour over rice, garnish and serve on a large serving plate.  Delicious and easy!


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