Top 10 Kitchen

My work space...cutting board, knives, oils, sauces, spoons, cookbook holder

My work space…cutting board, knives, oils, sauces, spoons, cookbook holder

With Thanksgiving upon us, now is the time to get your kitchen organized.

SpicesI sincerely believe you can achieve this with a well equipped kitchen.  It will cut time on meal preparation AND FRUSTRATION!  Who wants to spend 15 minutes looking for a knife?  Or 30 minutes running to the store for a simple spice?

Step 1)  One of the key things you can do is create a  “work center” with knives, utensils, spoons, pans, bowls within easy reach.  My work center has everything within hands reach.  My cutting board, oils and spices are to the left of my stove as well as my pots and pans being stored in drawers to the right of the stove. I like to display my bowls on a accent table, because it not only looks pretty decoratively but also makes the bowl easy to find.

Step 2) Stock the kitchen with staples such as spices, oils, soup stock, canned tomatoes, and a few other key ingredients for a well seasoned meal.  I know a lot of people enjoy using their crock pots but it isn’t on my list, simply because I am trying to inspire you to create something special with your hands. Much like working on a beautiful painting…it doesn’t paint itself!pots

Whether you are cooking for two, your family or hosting a party…these ten items will SAVE TIME in the kitchen but also make the art of cooking more enjoyable.

My Top 10 Kitchen Items:

1) Solid Wood Cutting Board

2) Cooking Knives (parer, chefs, carver, utility, and kitchen shears)

3) Clear mixing/cooking bowls

4) Serving Bowls and Plates

5) Cooking Utensils (Wooden Spoons/Measuring Spoons/Whisk)

6) Pots (1 large soup pot, small and large frying pans)

7) Quick On Hand staple Spices (sea salt, cracked pepper, coriander, cumin, hot pepper flakes, ginger at the least.)

8) Flavoring items such as Onions, Garlic, Fresh Herbs, chicken stock, canned tomatoes, feta cheese

9) Sauces and Oils (Olive Oil, Vinegars, Soy Sauce, Terriyaki Sauce, no salt butter)

10) Set of good potholders



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