Oh Christmas Tree

christmas treeAt the center of your heart is a story, a unique story told over a lifetime…through pictures, memories, words and Christmas Trees.  Every Christmas tree tells your story, from the color you choose, the ornaments you like and the tree topper.   If you are a sentimental person you may choose ornaments tied to the past that have special meaning.  If you have children, your tree will be decorated with things they have made or ornaments they love, or you may be a person who has several trees, each decorated with different themes.

The decorating of our Christmas tree has always been tied to my heart.  When my daughter was growing up, we choose ornaments that looked like family members or our dog.  As time moved on, the tree had a vintage flair and then one year I got brave and added large items like clocks, 8×10 pictures etc.  Yes, it was very artsy.

This year, my heart longed for simplicity and a new look, so I changed the large tree in the formal living area.  Not as much glitz as times past, but just a sweet and simple mix of ribbons and pinecones.

Create a memory this Christmas season with the gift of your heart on display…your Christmas tree!


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