Making Room for All Things New

Ordinary to Extraordinary 004Moving really brings life into perspective.  We travel through life with so many “things.”   Recently we had to make a decision.  My husband and I moved from our cozy surroundings (2300 sq. ft.) in Florida to a 1200 sq. ft. apartment (temporary) in Birmingham, Alabama.  My heart sank as I realized I couldn’t keep everything.  Purging was coming.

Jim going through some of our

Jim going through some of our “stuff”

As we began making  decisions about what would stay and what would go, the overwhelming truth hit us… things we thought we needed were holding us back from living a life of simplicity and ease.  When box after box came off of the moving truck we KNEW it would not all fit into our new life.  So what did we do?  We gave some things away, we donated the rest and purposed to only live with what we absolutely need and love.       Wow!  That felt good and honestly we LOVE the new simplified and cozy look.    You could say we’re “making room”  for something new.

Don’t let the past hold you…let go and open the door to the new thing God wants to do!


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