Loving Our Neighbor

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose…symbol of friendship

When you come in to the presence of another, there is a connection that happens.  Depending on the hearts of the two people, this connection can either be a positive one or a negative one.  Lately, as I am out and about, I sense a saddened decline in making eye to eye contact.   The one universal need among all people, I believe is love.  One may tend to want to protect, become exclusive, and not relish the extending of themselves for the sake of time.

In order to love, we make contact… A simple smile is sometimes all we need to do.   Loving our neighbor is hard business…it requires effort and care.  It requires genuine sincerity and humbleness.  Our neighbor is not just the people we know but those around us on our daily journey too.

Next time you are in the grocery store, Kohl’s or the local deli, take a chance and make a connection with your neighbor.  You may be the only encouragement they receive all day, and who knows, you may find a lifetime friend!


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