The Richness of Our Favorite Things


I love the song “Favorite Things.”  Just a simple tune capturing the heart of life’s joy.

For me, the simple richness of a cozy fire, warm colors,  beautiful woods, geraniums, pumpkins, lights, and treasured books, journals, classic movies and photos are among my favorite things.  When I walk into my home at the end of the day, I want to be welcomed by warmth and relaxation.  There is nothing more unsatisfying than coming home after a long day into disorganized chaos.  Not good for you or your loved ones!

You can create spaces in your own home which consist of those things most loved in easy fashion.  The desk below was a thrift store find for $50.00.  We cleaned it up and put some polish on it and it’s one of my best-loved treasures.  The curtains are a ” Tuesday Morning” find for around $30.00, and the chair was given to me by friend which we recovered.  One last thing, the cute Waverly pillow, also found at an antique/thrift store for $7.00.  and the awesome burlap lamp, once again, Tuesday Morning for $20.00.    DO NOT spend a lot to get a great look!  The look comes from your heart…you imagine it there first and with a little scouting you can find great looking items.


I don’t think we have to go far to find within our hearts those things that bring comfort, joy and content.  You know what they are.  Now go out and find them and bring them into your home for you to enjoy!


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