Good Life Waiting

Christmas 2011 008I walk into the room and take my place at a well-appointed and cheerful dining table.  Conversation, laughter, and the news of the day pulls me into a longing for more.  As the momentum builds and friends connect the meal is served.  The aroma and beautiful presentation add to the charm and everyone raises a glass to good life.

Breaking bread brings us together because there is  a story to be told that day.   Food and conversation not only sustains, it warms the heart, and creates a lasting bond in both satisfaction and fulfillment.

As people, we need connection and if you think about it, food is always a common element of that endeavor.  Whether it’s pizza or caviar, people are connecting over food.  When I was growing up, a meal was not only made for sustenance but was an event.  Lingering in each other’s company, sharing stories and laughter about the good ol’ days seemed to be a way of life.  It didn’t matter how long you stayed, it wasn’t putting anyone out.  The day was unending.

The sad thing is we have stopped “stopping by”, “dropping in for a cup of coffee”, “coming over for dinner” because of our overcrowded calendars and just plain exhaustion.  We need a way to recharge our tired batteries and be connected to something more than our smart phones.   We need to find our place at the table again, where lasting bonds and making memories becomes a priority.

No more second guessing, putting off or waiting until later… should I invite?, should I not invite?….do it… good life is waiting to happen right around your table!


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