For a Change

new living room 3I like change and I’m one of those creative types that like to experiment with new colors once in awhile.  My usual palette consists of reds, golds and greens but after being inspired by an episode of “Rehab Addict”, I decided to try a white, brown and black mix.  The evergreen trees set so beautifully on either side of the fireplace gives the room warmth and I just LOVE the black and white chair.  The only new purchase was the Laura Ashley lace panels ($10.00 total) which gives it a romantic feel.

Your home should reflect you…it’s the place you can be your most comfortable and let your hair down.  If there is a such thing as casual formal with a romantic twist, this would be my reflection.  How does your home reflect your true self?  Capture your creative side by just changing a few elements in the room and bringing all of the pieces you love and enjoy together.

BTW…I changed it again a few months later because I was missing my reds!!  Enjoy mixing it up!


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